Fenwick Fellows 1983/84 to Present

Dr. Mark Koyama, Assistant Professor (Department of Economics)
The Rise and Fall of the Persecuting State

Dr. Ghassan Husseinali, Assistant Professor (Department of Modern and Classical Languages)
Investigating the Underlying Grammar of Arabic as a Foreign Language

Dr. Jesse Guessford, Assistant Professor (School of Music)
John Cage and Henry Cowell’s “New Musical Resource”

Dr. Michael G. Chang, Associate Professor (Department of History and Art History)
Network Formation at the Imperial Court and the Making of Qing Rule in Eighteenth Century China, 1680-1820

Dr. Jennifer Barnes Bowie, Assistant Professor (Department of Public and International Affairs)
Explaining Decision Making on the US Courts of Appeals:  Do Circuit Courts of Appeals Judges Fear Reversal from their Circuit En Banc?

Dr. Amal Amireh, Associate Professor,(Department of English)
Arab Masculinity Between Globalization and Empire

Dr. Halaevalu F.O. Vakalahi, Associate Professor (Department of Social Work)
Pacific Islander Americans:  Immigration and the Duality of Identity and Experiences.

Dr. Tony Roshan Samara, Assistant Professor, and Dr. John G. Dale, Assistant Professor of Sociology, and Associate Faculty of the Center for Global Studies and the Institute for Conflict Analysis & Resolution; (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Transnational Justice and Legal Discourse in the Making of Extraordinary Rendition

Dr. Toni-Michelle Travis, Associate Professor (Department of Public and International Affairs), and Program Director (African American Studies)
The Evolving Color Line

Dr. Susan Trencher, Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
The Conditions That Affect the Public Standing of Social Scientists in the United States; Examining
The Public Voice of Margaret Mead.

Dr. Rutledge Dennis, Professor (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Socialization Processes Through Which Minority Group Individuals Become Intellectuals

Ann Hurdle Maradiegue, Nurse Practitioner Program Instructor, Family and Adult Nurse Practitioner Program (College of Nursing and Health Sciences)
Central American Immigrant Mothers Living in the United States:  An Exploration of Genetic Family History, Parental Behavior, Acculturation, and Demographic Factors Associated with Risky Sexual Behavior Among Their Teenage Daughters

Dr. Jo-Marie Burt, Assistant Professor of Government and Politics, Department of Public and International Affairs (College of Arts and Sciences)
Truth and Justice? Analyzing The Peruvian Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Howard Vincent Kurtz, Assistant Professor (Department of Theater)
The Costume Designer’s Search for Inspiration

Dr. Cynthia M. Lont, Professor, Chair, Communications Department (College of Arts and Sciences)
Women, Minorities and Media Focus

Dr. Marcella Ridlen Ray, Senior Fellow, School of Public Policy and Adjunct Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology (College of Arts and Sciences)
Social Institutions:  Messages From American Bestsellers for Educators, Civic Leaders, and Policy Makers

Kristin Johnsen-Neshati, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater (Collecge of Visual and Performing Arts)
World Stages:  Investigating Non-Western Theatrical Traditions

Dr. Hazel M. McFerson, Associate Professor of International Studies (College of Arts and Sciences, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution)
Establishment of an Archival Collection and Baseline Data on Relations among Asian Immigrants, Asian Americans, African Americans and Amerasians of Part African American Ancestry

Dr. Rose Cherubin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Parmenides, Zeno, and the Framework of Scientific Knowledge

Dr. Peter Mandaville, Associate Professor of Government and Politics(Department of Public and International Affairs)
Non-Western Alternatives to Modern Political Practice

Dr. Dana Richards, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department (School of Information Technology and Engineering)
Parallel Computation and the Problem of Sorting

Dr. Daniel Rothbart, Associate Professor (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
From Instruments to Philosophy:  Towards a New Philosophy of Science Based on the Design of Experimental Technologies

Dr. Ann M. Palkovich, Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Comparative Primate Behaviour and Neuroanatomy:  Toward Understanding Human Consciousness

Dr. Willem Hendrik Thorbecke, Associate Professor (Department of Economics)
US Trade Policy During the Clinton Administration:  A Public Choice Analysis

Dr. Jeremy Crampton, Assistant Professor (Department of Geography and Earth Sciences)
Integrating Digital Spatial Data Resources with the World Wide Web:  Metro DC/Northern Virginia Data in Fenwick

Dr. Lisa M. Rabin, Assistant Professor (Department of Modern and Classical Languages)
Visual Art in the Poetry of Spanish America

Dr. Arthur Herman, Adjunct Professor (Department of History)
The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy

No Award

Dr. Theodore L. Gessner, Associate Professor (Department of Psychology)
To Start a Specialize Library Collection Centered on the Problems of Organizational Violence

Dr. Geoffrey F. Birchard, Associate Professor (Department of Biology)
Analysis of Reptilian Developmental Times Through the Development of a New Data Base

Dr. Daniele C. Struppa, Professor (Department of Mathematics)
The Development of Complex Analysis at the Turn of the Century

Dr. Timothy J. Conlan, Associate Professor (Department of Public Affairs)
Adding It Up:  Estimating the Cumulative Costs of Federal Mandates on State and Local Governments

Dr. Jonathan L. Gifford, Assistant Professor (Department of Public Affairs)
Policy Issues in the Implementation of Intelligent Vehicle Highway System Technologies

Dr. Donald P. Kelso, Associate Professor (Department of Biology)
The Preparation of a Bibliography of Academic Articles on Tidal Freshwater Rivers

Dr. Karen I. Vaughn, Chair (Economics Department)
An Examination of the Liberal Christian Critique of Capitalism

Dr. Veronica D. Feeg, Associate Professor of Nursing and Editor, Pediatric Nursing (School of Nursing)
Plan for Integrating Computerized Techniques to Establish Library Resource Aids for Research on Children’s Health

Dr. Melvin A. Friedlander, Assistant Professor of Government and Politics (Department of Public Affairs)
America, The Middle East and the Paradox of Culture

Dr. James E. Maddux,  Assistant Professor (Psychology Department)
Child Development and Child Health Psychology:  A Critical Review of Theory and Research and Implications for Public Policy

Dr. Brack Brown, Associate Professor of Government and Politics (Department of Public Affairs)
Public Administration and Policy Aspects of Space Development

Dr. John O’Connor, Associate Professor (English Department)
A Critical Biography of John Howard Lawson

Dr. Barry K. Beyer, Professor of Education (Department of Education)
Research Project on Analytical Thinking