George Mason University Libraries


Program Purpose:
University Libraries will make fellowships available each year in order to assist the efforts of George Mason University faculty members, as well as enhance the collections of the University Libraries. The Fenwick Fellow will receive exclusive use of an office in Fenwick Library. This office will be furnished with a desk, chair, file cabinet, shelving, lamp, phone, and a networked desktop computer.  Fenwick Fellows will receive an award of $2,000 – administered by the Office of the University Librarian. This award will cover research materials purchases falling within the University Libraries' collection development policies and other research-related costs as deemed appropriate.

Funding Cycle:
Fenwick Fellowships will be available each academic year. One to two fellowships will be funded each year.  Proposals are due Wednesday, May 3, 2006; selections will be announced prior to end of the 05-06 academic year.  The Fellowship will be in effect from September 5, 2006 to August 11, 2007. 

Faculty Eligibility:
The Fenwick Fellow Program is open to all tenured and tenure track, as well as term, faculty members of George Mason University.   

Proposal Format:
The proposal should be brief (in at least a 12 pitch font) and should be accompanied by a brief curriculum vita including information about the applicant's current position and teaching responsibilities at George Mason University. Although there is no required format for the proposals, it will facilitate the work of the reviewers if the following points are clearly addressed, prefaced by a project summary (200 words or less):

   1.            Central problem to be addressed.
   2.             Applicant's previous work in the general area.
   3.             Research methodologies to be utilized.
   4.             The need for research space in the library.
   5.             Budget of specific materials and/or services to be purchased with the stipend.
   6.             Expected results of the Fellowship.

Submission Procedure:
Each proposal must be approved and signed by the applicant's department chairperson. Please forward six copies of the proposal by May 3, 2006 to Debra Hogan, Assistant to the University Librarian, A227 Fenwick Library, MSN 2FL.

Evaluation Procedure:
The Faculty Senate Budget & Resources Committee, with the participation of two librarians appointed by the Council of Librarians, will review all applications and recommend successful proposals to the University Librarian.

Requirements of the Fellow:
All research materials acquired on behalf of the Fellow will remain property of the University Libraries.

During the fall and/or spring semester after the fellowship is completed, George Mason University Libraries will sponsor a Fenwick Fellow lecture to the university community.