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Mason Copies Right

FAQ about Music, Movie and Software Infringements on Campus

Residence Hall Talking Points: File Sharing

Procedures for University DMCA Agent


University Policy No. 1301: Responsible Use of Computing


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Documentary

 -University of Richmond School of Law, Intellectual Property Institute
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FAQs answered about file sharing and music downloading on the site Campus Downloading. A list of legal DL sites is also available.

The Industry Slant

RIAA - Recording Industry Association of America


MPAA - Modern Picture Association of America


BSA - Business Software Alliance provides information from the recording industry's point of view.

The Artist and Consumer Slants

Recording Industry vs The People


Find out what the artists, like Radiohead, KT Tunstall, and many others, are doing to represent and protect performers' and musicians' rights in the music industry-- Featured Artists Coalition.


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