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Who qualifies as a distance student or faculty?

Any student enrolled in a Distance Education course listed on the Distance Education courses page or any faculty person teaching one of these courses.

How can I do library research from a distance?

The George Mason University Libraries provide online remote access to electronic journals and e-books, and librarians can assist you by instant message, telephone, e-mail, or face to face. Go to the University Libraries’ web page for more information about the resources offered by the Libraries.

Can I get help with my research when I need it?

You can get help from library staff by going to Ask a Librarian. We are available by instant message, telephone, e-mail, or face to face to answer your research questions. We also offer Infoguides, which are subject-specific research web pages prepared by Mason librarians to help you get started on your research. For more advanced research, librarians have prepared Research Portals in some disciplines. New portals are being created, so check back if your subject area is not yet covered.

How can I learn how to use the Libraries’ resources online?

The Gateway Services unit of the University Libraries is preparing a series of online videos to demonstrate research skills. The development of these materials is on-going, so check back to see what’s new.

How can I find scholarly articles related to my research?

The George Mason University Libraries subscribe to thousands of scholarly journals that you can access remotely from your computer. When you click on the online article databases or journal subscriptions, you will be asked to log in using your Mason email login and password. That’s it – once you are authenticated, you’re able to use all of the University Libraries’ online resources. Online databases are available to search by subject, or you can go directly to the e-journals if you already have a citation to an article.

What if Mason doesn’t subscribe to the journal that I need?

You can request an article through Interlibrary Loan if it is not available at Mason. Log in to the ILL request system using your email login and password. The first time you login, you will be asked to set up a profile. After that, you can log in and request articles at any time, and they will be posted online to your ILL account when received.

My professor put some readings on e-reserve for my class. How do I access them?

The University Libraries maintains an e-reserve service so that faculty can place readings on reserve for students. You can search for the readings by course number or instructor’s name. To access the readings, you will be asked for a password, which your professor will provide to your class.

If I’m outside the Fairfax area, how can I get a book from Mason Libraries?

Most of the books in the George Mason University Libraries’ circulating collections can be shipped to you free of charge through our Document Delivery Service. If the University Libraries do not own a book you need, we may be able to borrow it from another library through our Interlibrary Loan Service and ship it to you. To learn more about these services, read How to request Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan of books for DE students and faculty. Once you understand the services, go directly to ILLiad and place a request.

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