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Adding Information Literacy Exercises

Discerning Between Popular & Scholarly Literature

Forming a Research Strategy

Information literacy is the ability to recognize when information is needed, access information effectively, and use information appropriately for any specific need. These activities help to engage students more actively in the research process. We recommend that you integrate these exercises with existing research-focused assignments.

How to add exercises

  1. Download the exercises you would like to use from the menu to the right.
  2. Make sure you're on the Build tab and click on "Assignments."
  3. Select the drop-down box next to "Create Link on:" and choose the folder you'd like the assignment to appear in; click "Create Assignment."
  4. Fill in the appropriate information and upload the document by clicking "Add Attachments." Click "Save."

Alternatively, you can add assignments through the "Learning Modules" tool. This method allows you to group exercises with library tutorials, lecture notes, or other relevant materials. To add materials to a learning module

  1. Make sure you're on the Build tab and click on "Learning Modules."
  2. Click "Create Learning Module." Fill in the information and click "Save."Creating a learning module in Blackboard
  3. Click the box next to the module you created and click "Go to Learning Module."
  4. Click "Add Content Link" and "Assignments."

Adding a Librarian

For more active librarian involvement, you may add your liaison librarian as a section instructor in Blackboard. This option is recommended for writing-intensive courses with a research component, such as Advanced English Composition. The librarian's services are most useful to students in courses with a research-component that requires them to locate and use information resources.

When you add a librarian as a section instructor, the level of librarian-student interaction can vary depending on the needs of the course and a librarian's teaching load during the semester. In a Blackboard course Librarians can

  • provide feedback on information literacy exercises like those above
  • provide feedback on student work throughout the course of a research assignment
  • lead discussion board topics related to research
  • create a course-specific research page linking students to relevant resources
  • provide research assistance as needed

How to add a librarian

  1. Contact your liaison librarian and request to add them. If you're requesting a librarian for ENGL 302 (Advanced Composition) or a BIS class, contact Educational Services.
  2. Once you've received confirmation from your librarian, add him or her to the course by going to Teach view. Click on "Gradebook."
  3. Click "Enroll Member."
  4. Type in the NetID (the mason email before the @ sign).
  5. Select "Teaching Assistant" and "Section Designer" (this gives the librarian Build tab access to add content to the course, as well as Teach tab access in order to interact with students).
  6. Click "Save."

For more assistance, contact the Libraries' Educational Services department at