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Library Resources for Faculty Using Blackboard

Choose a Course-Specific Guide or Subject Guide

Course guides highlight the best library resources to help students with research assignments in a specific course, while subject guides are more general and highlight resources relative to a specific discipline or research area.

course guide example ARTH 430: Studies in Medieval & Islamic Art
subject guide example Art History

How to locate a course-specific guide

  1. Go to the University Libraries home page ( and click InfoGuides.
  2. Click "Course Sources" in the middle column.
    Browse InfoGuides by subject
  3. Choose the course guide for your course. [Note that not all courses at Mason have a corresponding course guide. A librarian can create a course guide that is tailored to meet the research needs of students in your course. To request a course guide, contact your liaison librarian directly, or contact Educational Services].
  4. Copy the URL of the guide. There is usually a shortcut URL to the guide just above the yellow tabs, as indicated in the image below, that is simpler than the URL in the browser's location bar.
InfoGuides URL example


How to locate a guide

  1. Go to the University Libraries home page ( and click "InfoGuides".
  2. Find your general subject area under the middle column (e.g., for Art History or Performing Arts, click Arts - Performing & Visual (CVPA)).
  3. Choose a relevant subject guide.
  4. Copy the URL of the guide.
Embed Guide in Blackboard
  1. Once you've chosen a guide, log into your course at Make sure you're on the Build tab, and then click "Manage Course." Add Custom Link
  2. Select Course Menu, and then locate the Add Custom Link button at the top of the list of course tools.
  3. Give the custom link a title, like "Library Course Page," and enter the URL. Click "Save."
  4. You should now see a link for "Library Course Page" in the "Course Tools" menu. You can also embed your InfoGuide via a link from another section of your course.

example of embedded InfoGuide

For more assistance, contact the Libraries' Educational Services department at