George Mason University

Library Resources for Faculty Using Blackboard

Create a Library Resources Folder
  1. Enter "Build" view. Click "Course Content" and navigate to the page in your course where you want the Library Resources folder to appear. Select "Create Folder."
  2. Blackboard screen shot, Create Folder button

  3. Choose a name for the folder (such as "Library Resources"), and click Save.
  4. Blackboard screen shot, Enter folder title

  5. After you've created the folder, you have to go to that folder before you can add anything inside it. Click the drop-down button to the right of the folder link. Select "Go to Folder."
  6. Blackboard screen shot, select Go to Folder

  7. Once you're in the Library Resources folder, you can add whatever content you like. For example, to add a link to a particular resource, click "Add Content Link," choose "Web Link," and then "Create Web Link."
  8. Blackboard screen shot, Add Content Link menu

  9. Give your Web Link a title, and paste in the URL of the resource you're linking to. For more information and for suggested Web links, see our library links page.