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How do I request a library instruction session?

Library instruction sessions can be requested by submitting the online request form.

What materials are covered during a library instruction sessions?

Your library instructor will communicate with you prior to the session to determine what content is most appropriate for your class. The material covered in an instruction session is most relevant to students when they have a specific research need. Instruction is most effective when done in conjunction with a specific assignment that requires students to use, find, and evaluate information. Students learn best when they are able to immediately practice and apply the research strategies and concepts to a course assignment or project. We highly recommend that you work with a librarian to design effective research assignments.

How far in advance should I make an instruction request?

Requests must be made at least two weeks in advance of the desired session date. Space and staffing are limited, so make your requests as early as possible in order to secure your preferred dates and times.

Why does the instruction request form ask me to list more than one date?

We will honor your first choice of date whenever possible. However, because of limited staff and/or space, your second choice may be used. If neither date is available, we will contact you to discuss other options.

Can I request a specific librarian to lead the instruction session?

Yes. To do so, enter the appropriate name into the Preferred Library Instructor field. Choose from our list of Liaison Librarians.

What should I do if I need to request more than one session?

Please make one request per instruction session, i.e., if you would like to request two sessions, please submit the form twice. If you have a large number of courses, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

What happens after I submit the instruction request form?

We will contact you within one week of the date that you place your request.

Where are the library instruction rooms located?

Fenwick Library Instruction Room
Johnson Center Library Instruction Room
Mercer Library Instruction Room
Arlington Campus Library Instruction Room

Are any of the materials covered in library instruction sessions available online?

Yes, University Libraries maintains a collection of online tutorials and screencasts related to library research.

How do I include library resources in my Blackboard course?

Many online library resources such as e-reserves, databases, and e-journals can be linked to from Blackboard. You can also work with your department's Liaison Librarian to create a set of library resources that are specific to the needs of your course. For more information or assistance linking library resources to Blackboard, contact Educational Services.

May I request an instruction session if I am not a part of the Mason community?

May my class utilize a library instruction room without a librarian present?

These rooms are used exclusively for library instruction and are not generally open to reservations. However, if your session does not take up the entire class time, you may finish your class in the instruction room. Please note that if your class is held in the Johnson Center Instruction Room, the laptops must be secured before the library instructor exits.

May I request that the session be taught in a specific classroom?

Sessions may be taught in library instruction rooms and in previously reserved classrooms that are technology enabled. To request that your session be taught in a previously reserved classroom, please note the building and room number in the appropriate field on our library instruction session online request form.

What materials do I need to provide to library staff before the session?