George Mason University

Choose a Library Database

Step 1: From the University Libraries home page (, locate Research Tools and click on Research Databases. This will take you to the Database Portal.

Step 2: Choose the subject area that best suits your research needs (e.g. Arts, Basic Topics, Communications, Sciences, etc.). Scan the title and description of each database for one that sounds relevant to your research topic(s).


Another way to identify relevant databases is by visiting the Mason Libraries InfoGuides collection ( Here, subject-specific resources are selected and arranged for browsing and use by Mason Librarians.

Step 1: First, locate the Browse by Subject window in the center of the screen and click on the appropriate subject. [Click on Humanities.]

Browse by Subject

Step 2: Scan the list of Infoguides and click on the appropriate one. Remember, the title of each Infoguide corresponds to an academic program. [Click on English Language & Literature.]

Step 3: Locate article databases. Most Infoguides provide links to particular subject-specific databases. For example, in the English Language & Literature guide, these are located in the "Find Articles" tab. [Click on Find Articles tab.] Databases specific to English Language and Literature or organized into three windows: Literary Criticism, Other Databases, and Primary Sources. Click on the one that sounds like it best fits your research needs.

For more assistance with choosing the appropriate library database for your research, Ask a Librarian.