Course Reserves (Instructors)

Instructors may place materials on reserve to ensure that all students in the class have access to them. Libraries staff will locate and scan the items as needed, and will secure all necessary copyrights (if applicable).

Student Access to Reserves

Send students to the Reserves Search :

  • Print and Media Reserves are made available for students to check out for limited borrowing periods (e.g., 2hr or 7 days)
  • e-Reserves are available to students online through a password-protected interface to comply with copyright guidelines.
    • Be sure to tell students the password you will get when materials are added
    • Within Blackboard, you may link directly to your e-reserves. After you receive the password, use the link generator .
      • This generates a special link that will not require students to enter the e-Reserves password.
      • Only use this link in Blackboard because viewing is already restricted to students in your class.

How to place items on Reserve

  1. Identify the resource to put on reserve
  2. Complete the Reserve Request Form (required to process all requests)
    • Fill in all fields for each E-Reserves request
    • Provide the full citations (i.e., a bibliography) of all materials and any personal copies of materials
    • Photocopied resources should include the full citation on the first page
  3. Confirm the materials are in compliance with Copyright Law
  4. Wait until reserves are screened for copyright compliance and entered into the catalog
    • Requests are processed in the order received
    • Ensure the forms are complete to avoid delays
    • We recommend submitting requests at least 3 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester
    • If the items are not in the University Libraries' collections and need to be ordered, give extra time