George Mason University

George Mason University Libraries:
Mission, Vision, and Values


The University Libraries, as a core academic function of George Mason University, serve as both a repository of and digital portal to the wider universe of knowledge. The Libraries foster innovation, originality, and imagination by qualitatively managing access to scholarship and information, providing expert consultation in the research process, and actively teaching the effective and critical use of information.


The University Libraries are committed to becoming the research library that the University requires in order to reach its goals for 2010 and beyond.


Values critical to the fulfillment of the University Libraries' mission and vision encompass the following:

  • Adherence to professional ethics
  • Fidelity to intellectual freedom
  • Valuing knowledge in general, as well as subject expertise
  • Engagement with life-long learning and personal development
  • Fostering collaboration and teamwork
  • Commitment to service and customer-centered programs
  • Promoting and rewarding of excellent performance, personal creativity, and responsibility
  • Regard for diversity of ideas and people
  • Furthering internal and external communication
  • Advancement of staff and user empowerment