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How to Find an Article

Need to find a journal article for your research? Use the Mason Library Databases or the E-Journal Finder. Note well: Electronic, full-text versions of articles are not always available in every database: learn how to find the full-text fo an article.

Use Mason Library Databases
Go to
Click on: Databases

  • Select a subject group of databases OR look for a specific database alphabetically
    • Search by author, title or keyword
    • Copy or print the complete citation to locate the print or electronic version of the article
Use E-Journal Finder
Go to
Click on: E-Journal Finder

  • Is the journal title in the E-Journal Finder?
    • If YES, click on the link(s) to get the article
    • If NO, check the Mason Library Catalog

Use Mason Library Catalog
Go to
Click on: Library Catalogs
Click on: George Mason University Library's Catalog

  • Is the journal title in the Mason Library Catalog?
    • If YES, is the journal Electronic or Print?
      • If electronic, click the link to get the journal and article
      • If print, click on title and scroll down to view Mason Holdings (dates, vols, etc)
      • If Mason owns item, go to Fenwick Library Periodicals Department to obtain it
    • If NO, use the WRLC Catalog

Go to
Click on: Library Catalogs
Click on: Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC)

Need help? Just ask! Librarians or reference desk staff can assist you.