Reserves FAQs

What do I need to know about Copyright Law?
The faculty member (or designee) must sign the Copyright Form for all submitted materials and indicate on the form whether the copied material has been used previously for course reserves or a course pack. The items will then be placed on course reserves with copyright permission pending. If permission is subsequently denied, faculty will be informed and the material will be removed from reserves.
How do I submit materials for reserve?
To place materials on reserve the following is required: 1) Completed on line submission form, 2) Typed bibliography or Bibliography form, 3) Legible photocopies of articles, class notes, books, media, etc… to be placed on reserve . For electronic, a completed online submission form along with photocopies of materials must be submitted to process all requests. Full bibliographic citations are required so students may properly cite material and to request any necessary copyright permissions. To protect student privacy and to comply with copyright law, student papers require written permission from the student author.
Where can I submit my request?
Reserve requests may be submitted at the Arlington, Fenwick, Johnson Center, and Prince William Libraries. However, Reserves are housed at the Arlington, Johnson Center, and Prince William Libraries. Requests may be submitted electronically using the on-line submission form, mail and by fax to the ARL, JCL, or PWL. Reserve On-Line/Copyright and Student Authorization forms are available online.
When is the best time to submit materials?
Early is best. Submitting requests at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester is best in order to have material (s) on reserve by the first week of classes. Additional time may be required if the request forms do not contain all required information. Expect some delay for requests turned in during the first two weeks of the semester due to the heavy volume of requests. Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Every effort is made to rush order items not in the University Libraries’ collection that are needed for reserves.
Are there any limitations for Course Reserves?
There are no set limits for the number of books and media materials that may be placed on reserve. Up to 30 journal articles/photocopied items may be placed on reserve per course per semester. Anthologies will not be accepted for Print and Electronic Reserves. Pages printed from a website will not be placed on either print reserve or scanned for electronic reserves. However, links can be made to the article/website if permitted. Other limits may be necessary to comply with U. S. Copyright Law.
May I place personal media on reserve?
Media recordings not owned by the library (i.e. duplicate copies or recordings of broadcast programs) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure copyright compliance. Please consult with Course Reserve Staff before submitting a request.
How do I submit an E-Reserve request?
E-Reserves provide easy and immediate access to reserve materials via the Internet. The citation and copyright notice is affixed to the first page of the document and then scanned. On the On-Line Reserve/Copyright form, all fields for one request must be completed before moving forward to another request. Pages printed from a website will not be used for print or scanned for electronic reserves. However, links can be made to the article/website if permitted. Photocopied items should be submitted on 8.5X11 papers, single side copy only. Please make sure that all pages are included, words are not cut off, and the copy submitted is as clear as possible.
Do I need a password to access E-Reserves?
Yes. Material is password protected to comply with copyright guidelines. Faculty will be contacted with the password to give to students. Students and faculty can access E-Reserves at
Who do I contact for help?
Reserve Staff:
Kara Kiblinger, Nick Hofmann, Vicky Perrone, Katara Wright ( 703-993-9043 MSN 4E6 Mercer Library, Building Room 104, Prince Williams Campus; GMU 20110; Fax: 703-993-8349 Reserve Staff: Richard Plaskus: ( 703-993-7539 MSN 1D1 Original Building Room 331, Arlington Campus; GMU 22201; Fax: 703-993-8142 Reserve Staff Jane Zhang: ( 703-993-8273 Course Reserves: Copyright Office: MSN 1A6 Johnson Center Library, Fairfax Campus; GMU 22030; Fax: 703-993-9063