Link to e-Reserves in Blackboard


This tutorial will show you how to link to e-Reserves in Blackboard.

Submitting e-Reserve Requests and Confirmation Email

Before getting started, you should have already:

1. Submitted an e-Reserve request for each item that you are placing on electronic reserve. If you have questions on how to submit requests please see our tutorial located here.


2. Received a confirmation email with an URL, letting you know that your e-Reserves are processed and available (note: you will only receive one Blackboard activation email per course). Please keep this email and link handy as you will be using them in this tutorial.

Ereserves Email Confirmation
  1. Log into Blackboard using your Mason Net ID and Password, and then click 'Courses' from the menu at the top of the page.

    Courses tab in Blackboard
  2. Choose the Course where you are adding e-Reserves.

    Link to Course circled on Blackboard
  3. From the Blackboard left hand content menu, click the '+' sign to add a link.

    Plus sign circled on left hand menu in Blackboard
  4. Choose 'Web Link' from the options listed.

    Add/Change personal information form
  5. In the Name box, name the link (we recommend using 'e-Reserves').

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests
  6. In the URL box, copy and paste the URL from the e-Reserves confirmation email you received earlier.

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests
  7. Make sure to check the box 'Available to Users.'

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests
  8. Click 'Submit.'

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests
  9. You should now see your link listed in the left hand menu.

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests
  10. Note: Be sure your e-Reserves link is not hidden. If hidden, a box with a line across it will appear beside the link. Click 'Show Link' to make the link available.

    Front page of illiad, ready to submit requests

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Testing Your e-Reserves

  1. You should be able to click on your link and see the available e-reserves for your course. That's it. You have now successfully linked to your e-Reserves in Blackboard!

    List of E-Reserve PDFs

Additional Questions and Help

Download this tutorial.

If you have trouble placing a request, or have questions about your request, please contact the Reserves team at

If you have questions about linking in your Blackboard site or have questions about Blackboard in general please contact Courses Support

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