Workshops by Request

This is a list of workshops the library currently offers. If one of them interests you, check the online schedule for currently posted dates. If none are posted or you are unable to attend, gather some like-minded friends and request it.  If there are other library-related topics you would like to see, you can also request a customized workshop for a group. Or, ask for an individual consultation with one of our specialists. 

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Apps! Using Applications to Transition from Research to Writing

Learn to use popular applications to bridge the research and writing divide.

Citation Management

Identify, read, and construct citations while incorporating them into Zotero.

Creating Maps 

Use free online software to generate maps.

Data Management/Data Management Plans

Information session on how you can use the DMPTool to aid in writing data management plans required by funding agencies.

Evaluating Sources

Develop critical thinking skills necessary to operate in an environment of information overload.

Finding Data 

Discover tips and tricks for locating data using the web and library resources.


Learn the basic concepts of Geographic Information System (GIS) and basic skills to use ESRI’s ArcGIS software to create a thematic map.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a powerful research tool that allows you to search across the scholarly literature in a wide variety of disciplines. Come learn how to use it, including the advanced features, the possibilities for your research papers.

Grad Students’ Guide to the Libraries

Get an introduction to library resources and services in your graduate field of study.


Become familiar with the interface and some of the key features of the valuable qualitative research tool.

Primary Sources

Find, analyze, and cite primary sources using the libraries' resources and free online tools.

Qualitative Analysis & Software

Gain a better understanding of qualitative analysis and terminology, and review how qualitative research is done. Plus, learn about the software available to aid your research.

R & RStudio

This workshop is for those familiar with other statistical software to learn the fundamentals of using R with datasets.

Research Refresher

This workshop is designed to give returning adult learners an update on searching and working with online catalogs, electronic databases, online journals, and e-books, as well as tips on handy tools for managing, storing, and sharing information.

Research Tools

Learn how to succesfully navigate the library website and fulfill all of your research needs.


Learn the interface and basic structure of SAS syntax while inputting and displaying data. No prior experience with SAS or programming is necessary.


Learn about SPSS, statisital software common in the social and behavioral sciences.


Learn the ins-and-outs of Stata’s interface, syntax, and help documentation. This workshop will help new users feel comfortable with Stata (using Syntax), give tips and advice to existing users, and give all attendees the tools to find out more.

Statistical Analysis & Software

Discover which statistical software works for you and learn about statistical analysis.

Undergraduate Students' Guide to the Libraries

Get an introduction to library resources and services in your undergraduate field of study.

Using Data Sources

Use specific tools for locating datasets, including ICPSR, the Census, and the Roper Center, among others.

Wikipedia for Research

Unlock the research potential behind this popular website.


Zotero is an open source citation management software program. Learn how to capture and organize your sources and create citations.