Vision, Mission & Values

The University Libraries is guided by the following pragmatic vision, responsive mission, and enduring values:


To model the modern academic research library, in all of its forms and modes, through the cultivation of innovative services and resources for teaching, learning, research, and scholarship at George Mason University.


The University Libraries forms an intellectual nexus for George Mason University. We foster innovation, creativity, and imagination by facilitating access to scholarship and information, providing expert consultation in the research process, and actively teaching the effective and critical use of information. And, we fulfill a critical role in the creation, dissemination, and preservation of knowledge.

We contribute to and support the University’s mission by:

  • working with students, faculty, and staff throughout the teaching, learning, and research processes;
  • offering virtual and physical spaces for study, research, collaboration, publication, and academic and cultural events;
  • providing access to information in diverse formats;
  • encouraging critical thinking and informed citizenship by supporting digital, data, media, and cultural literacy; and
  • collaborating with on- and off-campus partners to expand the reach, capacity, and impact of the Libraries.


In order to realize its vision and fulfill its mission, the University Libraries values:

  • adhering to the highest standards of professional ethics;
  • ensuring equitable access to information and fidelity to intellectual freedom;
  • fostering a diverse and inclusive environment marked by integrity and civility for all identities and cultural experiences;
  • empowering the Mason community in understanding the complexities of information, data, and scholarship and how to use these ethically and effectively;
  • providing a university-wide network of research support services and programs to encourage innovation and creativity, accelerate the production of new knowledge, and amplify research outcomes; and
  • collaborating nationally and internationally to share resources and expertise.