eJournal Finder Tutorial


While many databases and search engines offer links directly to the full text, some only offer citations or abstracts. The eJournal Finder provides access to the full text of thousands of articles from journals, magazines, and newspapers available through the Mason Libraries.

This tutorial will guide you in the process of searching the eJournal Finder to find the full text of articles.

Before You Get Started

Gather all relevant citation information for your needed article.

  • author(s)
  • title of article
  • title of journal, magazine, or newspaper
  • volume
  • issue
  • publication date
  • page numbers

This is an example citation, with each section defined, using the APA citation style. Johnson, K.A., Dolan, M.K. & Sonnet, J. are the authors. The publication date is 2011. The title of the article is Speaking of looting: An analysis of racial propaganda in national television coverage of Hurricane Katrina. It was published in the Howard Journal of Communication, volume 22, issue 3 and can be found on pages 302-318.

Search eJournal Finder

  1. Select ‘Articles & more’ from the library’s homepage

    Mason Libraries homepage with the Articles and more tab highlighted
  2. Type in the title of the needed journal, magazine, or newspaper in the third search box (under ‘Electronic journals by title’)

    Articles and more tab with the third search box, Electronic journals by title, highlighted
  3. Select a database with the appropriate date coverage from the list of databases

    eJournal results list with the database Taylor & Francis highlighted
  4. Select the appropriate date, volume, and issue of the needed article

    Howard Journal of Communications in the Taylor & Francis database with issue 3 2011 highlighted
  5. Scroll through the results for the needed article

    Speaking of looting article highlighted

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Additional Information

  • The eJournal Finder only indexes the actual title of the journal, magazine, or newspaper. Make sure you are searching with it, not the title of the article.
  • All databases look different. Some might not have the option to select the appropriate date, volume, and issue for you to access the needed article. You may need to use a search box and type in the name of the author(s) and/or the title of article to find it.
  • If the eJournal Finder did not find the journal, magazine, or newspaper you need, check to see if it is available through the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC).
  • If the WRLC does not have it or if you're a distance education (DE) student, request your needed article through interlibrary loan (ILL).

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Additional Questions and Help

If you have trouble or questions about the eJournal Finder, Ask a Librarian.

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