Digital Programs & Systems


The Digital Strategies & Systems has four major areas of responsibility within University Libraries:

  • Systems

    The Systems Group manages the IT infrastructure for University Libraries. We offer a number of enterprise-wide services including Library Search. DPS Systems Group operates all technology on the Fairfax campus for University Libraries. We rely upon our friends in ITS for our robust networking

  • Data & Digital Scholarship Services (DDSS)

    Data & Digital Scholarship Services (DDSS) partners with students, faculty, and staff by providing digital research support to facilitate digital research and teaching across the university in all disciplines.

  • Mason Publishing

    A group of core services that support the creation, dissemination and curation of scholarly, creative and educational works. Components include the George Mason University Press, Scholarly Communications and Copyright Resources; primary responsibility for Open Educational Resources (OERs); the Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS); our e-journal publishing service and more.

  • Assessment and Planning

    This group compiles library data to answer questions of efficiency and efficacy for internal planning, planning and reporting to university constituencies, and reporting to relevant state and national agencies. These activities include surveys of faculty and students, analysis of management data, progress tracking of strategic plans, and review of internal processes.