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Basic Research Concepts

  • Types of Resources

  • Anatomy of a Research paper

  • Academic Integrity

  • Peer Review

  • Peer Review

  • Objectivity in Reporting

  • Visual Literacy

  • Delivering a Presentation

  • Note Taking

  • Study Skills

  • Time Management Tips

  • Types of Sources:Popular, Scholarly, Trade

  • Understanding Plagiarism

  • Reading a Citation

  • How Data Becomes Knowledge

  • Copyright

  • Common Library Terms

  • Primary Sources: Humanities

  • Secondary Sources: Humanities

  • Tertiary Sources: Humanities

  • Primary Sources: STEM-H

  • Secondary Sources: STEM-H

  • Tertiary Sources: STEM-H

  • Information Cycle

Research Process

Library Tools & Services

  • InterCampus Loan

  • Washington Research Library Consortium

  • InterLibrary Loan

  • Read a call number

  • eBooks in the eBrary collection

  • Using Zotero: Quick Start

  • Using Zotero: Final Finish

  • How to Place a Reserve Request

Finding Materials

Advanced Research Concepts

Additional Questions and Help

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