Special Groups

All members of the public are eligible for the fee-based Passport Program, which provides borrowing privileges.  Specific policies apply to members of the following groups. Circulation policies apply to all borrowers except as specified.

  • Mason Alumni

    Mason degree holders qualify for discounted membership in the Passport Program. Alumni status will be verified. To apply for membership, please fill out our online application.

  • OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Card Holders

    Visiting faculty from OCLC member institutions can obtain a card from their home institution and borrow through the OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement. To apply for these privileges, please fill out our online application.

  • Visiting International Scholars

    Mason Departments and Colleges can sponsor library privileges for scholars from outside the United States. See the full Visiting International Scholars policy for application requirements. Sponsorship grants the same privileges as the Passport Program

  • WRLC Faculty and Students

    Faculty and students of institutional members of the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC) have borrowing privileges at the George Mason University Libraries.

  • VIVA Cooperative Borrowing Program

    Students and faculty of any school that participates in the cooperative borrowing program with the Virtual Library of Virginia (VIVA) consortium are granted the same borrowing privileges as membership in the Passport Program, but at no cost with your school ID and proof of current enrollment. To apply for these privileges, please fill out our online application. Participation in this program is per semester and based on the active status of the student or faculty member at their institution.