Group Study Room Reservation System

The Group Study Room Reservation System is designed to make all group study rooms available to as many Mason students, faculty and staff groups as possible.




Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long may we use a Group Study Room and how far ahead may we reserve one?

A. All Mason Libraries Group Study Rooms may be reserved for use up to 4 hours per day, once a day. Advance reservation lead times vary by campus:

  • Fairfax: Fenwick Library,Johnson Center and Arlington Campus Libraries: up to 14 days ahead
  • Mercer Library, Prince William Campus: up to 7 days ahead

Q. What are the rules for this system and service?

By booking a room, the person who reserves the room and the study group members understand and accept the complete Mason Libraries Group Study Room Use Policies.


  • Study rooms may only be reserved by students, faculty, or staff of George Mason University.
  • Study rooms may be reserved for up to four hours in one day.


  • Two or more people constitute a group for purposes of using a group study room.
  • Individuals should use a study carrel or other seating elsewhere in the library.
  • An individual can not hold the room waiting for the arrival of others.
  • Study rooms that are not occupied by at least two people within 15 minutes after the start of the reservation may be forfeited.


  • Study room privacy is not guaranteed.
  • University Libraries staff reserve the right to enter any group study room at any time.
  • Any obstruction of the windows is prohibited


  • Occupants must conform to the University's policies for personal conduct.
  • Smoking, sleeping, cooking, card playing, partying, painting, music, club meetings and/or any other activities disruptive to others are prohibited
  • Noise levels from any conversations and/or equipment must not disturb others

Personal Property

  • Neither the Library nor the University is responsible for unattended, lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.
  • Unattended personal property may not be used to "hold" a room by any individual or group