Subject Librarians

Name Title Subject Areas Email Phone Number Schedule an Appointment With
Cindy Badilla-Meléndez Music and Media Librarian Film and Video Studies, Media, Music 993-7593

Heidi Blackburn Computing Librarian Computer Game Design, Computer Science, Information Science and Technology, Statistics 993-3709

Heidi Blackburn at Fairfax

Ashley Blinstrub Student Success and Inclusion Librarian Integrative Studies 993-3471

Ashley Blinstrub at Fairfax

Marissa Burkland Sciences and Data Librarian Atmospheric Science, Biology, Conservation Biology, Data & Data Management, Environmental Science and Policy, Geology

Marissa Burkland at Fairfax

Margaret (Lam) Calkins Physical Sciences and STEM Data Librarian Astronomy, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computational & Data Sciences, Data & Data Management, Forensic Science, Mathematical Sciences, Physics 993-2212

Margaret (Lam) Calkins at Fairfax

Alyssa Fahringer Digital Scholarship Consultant Digital Humanities 993-5672

Alyssa Fahringer at Fairfax

Jen Fehsenfeld Lead, Arts and Humanities Team; English & Philosophy Librarian English, Folklore, Linguistics, Philosophy 993-2211

Jen Fehsenfeld at Fairfax

Kayla Gourlay Business & Economics Librarian Business, Economics 993-3484

Kayla Gourlay at Fairfax

Stephanie Grimm Art and Art History Librarian & Fenwick Gallery Manager Art, Art Education, Art History, Arts Management, Computer Game Design 993-3720

Stephanie Grimm at Fairfax

Lorena Jordan Policy and Government Librarian Biodefense, International Affairs, Knowledge Management, Nonprofit Management, Organizational Development, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Policy, Schar School of Policy and Government 993-9864

Lorena Jordan at Fairfax

Debby Kermer Data Services Consultant Data & Data Management 993-3417

Debby Kermer at Fairfax

Maoria Kirker Lead, Teaching and Learning Team Honors College 993-9059

Maoria Kirker at Fairfax

Elena Landry Global Programs and Foreign Languages Librarian English Language Institute, Global Affairs, Latin American Studies, Middle East and Islamic Studies, Modern and Classical Language, Religious Studies, Russian and Eurasian Studies 993-9527

Elena Landry at Fairfax

Young-Joo Lee Social Sciences Librarian African and African American Studies, Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Sociology 993-2209

David Lemmons Instruction Coordinator English Composition 993-3484

David Lemmons at Fairfax

Christopher Lowder Education Librarian Education, Higher Education 993-3715

Christopher Lowder at Fairfax

Christopher Magee Social Sciences Librarian Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Criminology, Social Sciences, Sport, Recreation, & Tourism Management 993-8267

Christopher Magee at Fairfax

Christopher Magee at Mason Square

Wendy Mann Director, Data and Digital Scholarship Services Data & Data Management 993-5272

Wendy Mann at Fairfax

Janna Mattson Online Learning Coordinator and Instruction Librarian Individualized Study (BIS) 993-5874

Janna Mattson at Fairfax

George Oberle History Librarian and Term Assistant Professor History 993-4175

George Oberle at Fairfax

Megan Reichelt Theater, Dance, and Women & Gender Studies Librarian Dance, Theater, Women and Gender Studies 993-1142

Tammy Stitz Engineering Librarian Engineering 993-3712

Tammy Stitz at Fairfax

John (Jack) Tieszen Geospatial Resources Librarian Geography, Geoinformation Science, GIS 993-2238

John (Jack) Tieszen at Fairfax

Trevor Watkins Teaching and Outreach Librarian Communications 993-2244

Trevor Watkins at Fairfax