Web accessibility audit procedures

Tier 1 (Four times a year) (Includes Library home page and other selected high use pages.)

  • Manual Testing: Manual review of WCAG 2.1 Guidelines 
  • Screen reader test: NVDA and TalkBack
  • Keyboard navigability combined with a cognitive walkthrough
  • Color contrast (for both text and interactive site elements)
  • Color contrast for common color perception deficiencies
  • Usefulness of labeling, alternate text, and other accessibility-related markup

Tier 2 (monthly) (Heavily visited pages)

  • Automated testing and review of pages in Tier II (The Libraries home page, pages that directly link off of the home page, and those that were among the previous month's top 50 most visited pages.) (using Pa11y
  • Latest accessibility scan results
  • Manual review of recently edited pages to see if any significant content/structure changes have occurred. (if so, further manual accessibility checking is done)

Tier 3 (Every other month) (All other pages on library.gmu.edu that aren’t part of Tier 1 or Tier 2.)

  • Automated testing and review of pages

Additional Documentation

ILLiad web template accessibility enhancements

Color Blindness simulations for University Libraries home page

Also currently using WhoCanUse to test for contrast issues for color blind users.