New e-Resources

2018 New e-Resources Announcements

New online resources added to George Mason University Libraries’ collections are posted periodically; you can also search for recently added items. Mason students, faculty and staff are welcome to suggest library purchases

e-Resources Added in Summer 2018

Mason Libraries now has access to six primary source collections from Adam Matthew. These collections span the social sciences and humanities and cover a multitude of topics ranging from medieval manuscripts and Victorian moving images to ephemera from the 1960s and confidential government documents.

Global Commodities

Discover the histories of fifteen key commodities that changed the world through a wide range of manuscript sources, rare books, maps, advertising memorabilia, paintings, photographs and ephemera. Explore themes of exploration and discovery; imperialism and attempts at monopoly; trade Wars; translocation and economic geography; slavery; mass production; luxury; taste; and the evolution of global branding.

 Trade Catalogues

Explore domestic life, leisure and material culture of nineteenth- and twentieth-century America.

 Socialism on Film

Sourced from the British Film Institute (BFI), this collection of documentary, newsreel and feature films reveals the world as seen by Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, East European, and Latin American filmmakers. Ranging from the early 20th century to the 1980s, material encapsulates the themes of war, revolution, news, current affairs, culture and society.

 Frontier Life

Journey to the far reaches of settler frontiers across the globe. Through a large array of unique documents, this multi-archive collection captures the lives, experiences and colonial encounters of people living at the edges of the Anglophone world from 1650-1920. It ranges across the various colonial frontiers of North America before touching on the settlers of Southern Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

 Colonial America

The complete CO 5 files from the National Archives, UK, 1606-1822, Colonial America is a 'game changing' development for historians and researchers of early America, the Atlantic world, the Caribbean and the nascent British Empire. Colonial America enables online access to the vast archive of circa 70,000 documents of manuscript materials for the first time

 World’s Fair

This online resource hosts primary source material from hundreds of fairs, including London’s Great Exhibition of 1851, American fairs of the 19th and 20th centuries and 21st century EXPOs. A vital resource for students, teachers and researchers of a huge range of subjects including imperialism, race relations, gender studies, science and technology, consumer culture, architecture and design.


e-Resources Added Spring 2018

Applied Mechanics Reviews

Applied Mechanics Review is an international, bimonthly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by ASME.  Note: Available 1948-1999

Weapons of Mass Destruction

This collection contains formerly classified U.S. government documents, covering the period from the end of World War II to the present day. These documents tell the story of how America built up the world’s largest supply of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. It includes access to previously unpublished reports, memoranda, cables, intelligence briefs, classified articles, military manuals and directives.

Emerging Sources Citation Index

Mason Libraries now has access to Emerging Sources Citation Index, adding content from 1900-2004 to our existing 2005-present coverage.  The ESCI is part of the Web of Science Core Collection, with access to some of the world's leading citation databases. Authoritative, multidisciplinary content covers journals worldwide, including Open Access journals and conference proceedings.  Includes current and retrospective coverage in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 

World Politics Review

This journal publishes information and analysis on international affairs and foreign policy. It provides analysis of critical global trends to give policymakers, analysts, academics to nonpartisan context with regard to political party affiliation or allegiance.

Census CD 1960

This CD Rom is available for use through DiSC.  The Census  CD provides population data of the United States that can be used for research, business marketing and as a baseline for designing sample surveys.

AHA Annual Survey Database (ASDB)

Comprehensive census of United States hospitals based on the AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals.  Survey data can be downloaded for analysis in Excel, SaS and other statistical software packages. Note: available to Mason students, staff and faculty.

Arcadian Library Online

Provides access to online reproductions of rare books and manuscripts held at the Arcadian Library. Materials in the collection focus on the shared cultural heritage in the Middle East and Europe. Texts cover such topics as travel accounts, astronomy, mathematics, medicine, natural history, and philosophy.

KKK Newspapers

Collection of local, regional, and national newspapers published by Klan organizations and by sympathetic publishers across the U.S. during the 1920s. Also includes the voices from several anti-Klan newspapers.

Knowledge Unlatched

A follow-up to the Knowledge Unlatched Pilot Collection, the 2017-18 collection consists of 364 titles in 17 subject areas in the humanities and social sciences. These include 151 frontlist titles between November 2017 and April 2018 as well as 192 backlist titles published between 2006 and 2016, plus 21 journals.  Mason also participated in the Pilot Collection of 28 books. Titles can be browsed on the OAPEN platform (linked above), and are also available.

NK Pro

Brings together exclusive daily news, in-depth investigations, expert interviews and analysis by experts such as scholars, journalists, and North Korean refugees on North Korea-related issues on a wide variety of topics. Contains a suite of research resources, databases, and tools designed for professionals working on the subject of North Korea.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Offers review essays that evaluate the current thinking on a field or topic in a given subject area, and makes original arguments about the future direction of the debate. Handbooks available through GMU cover the fields of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Economics and Finance, Linguistics, Music, Physics, and Political Science. New handbooks available through the Libraries include, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Physical Sciences, and Political Science.  

Digital National Security Archives

This update to the DNSA platform features 4 new databases including documents that record Henry Kissinger's diplomatic and policy activities, intelligence materials the CIA provided to Presidents Kennedy and Johnson, the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the hidden history of secret talks between the United States and Cuba. This comprehensive collection of primary documents is provided in full-text, including tens of thousands of important declassified documents regarding critical U.S. policy decisions. Each collection is assembled by foreign policy experts and features chronologies, glossaries, bibliographies, and scholarly overviews to provide unparalleled access to the defining international issues of our time.

Royal Society of Chemistry eBooks

This resource is a point of reference for anyone working in the chemical sciences. Over 1000 books, spanning more than 40 years, have been digitized as fully-searchable PDF files resulting in an overview of research and opinion in a multitude of areas of chemical science.

SPIE Digital Library, 2017 and 2018

SPIE Digital Library contains technical papers from SPIE conference proceedings, journals covering optics and photonics research, and now—with this new purchase—over 200 e-books on optics and photonics.  Technologies span applications from imaging, sensors, biomedicine, manufacturing, and energy to nanotechnology, communications, entertainment, and electronics.

The American Foundation Era Collection

Mason now has access to the papers of several key figures from America’s founding era, from the University of Virginia Press.

The Selected Papers of John Jay , a governor of New York, Federalist Papers author, and the first chief justice of the Supreme Court.

The John Marshall Papers, from the longest-serving chief justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, with a tenure lasting more than three decades.

The Pinckney Statesmen Papers, a collection of papers of members of the Pinckney family who served during the American Revolution, and as governors of the state of South Carolina, delegates to the Constitutional Convention, leading lawyers and businessmen in Charleston, and diplomats to England, France, and Spain.

Additionally, the People of the Founding Era database provides biographical information on over 75,000 people born between 1713 and 1815. It includes fully searchable biographical statements, plus identically structured data for each person, allowing for group study.

Pro Sound Effect Library Upgrade

A professional sound effects library for high definition media production. This upgrade to the existing database doubled the content to more than 60,000 sound effects. Includes Sonopedia and Hybrid Library.

Vogue Archive

Contains the entire run of Vogue magazine (US edition), from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images. Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included, with rich indexing enabling image searches by garment type, designer and brand names.