New e-Resources

New online resources added to George Mason University Libraries’ collections are posted monthly; you can also search for all recently added items in the catalog. Mason students, faculty and staff are welcome to suggest library purchases.

e-Resources Added to the Collection in July 2014

Women Writers Online
Early modern English and American women's writings from 1500 to 1850. Includes searchable full text of books, poetry, and speeches as well as browse by date, author, and title. Exhibits and teaching tools also available.

Web of Science Expansion
George Mason University Libraries now has access to the Web of Science Core Collection in its entirety. Search features include expanded citation index refinement by discipline and content type, expanded date range and full text linking.   
Video:  Quick Tour of the New Web of Science

Additional databases centrally searched using Web of Science:

Web of Science Core Collection
Expanded retrospective data simplifies access to historic journal archives, increasing coverage back to 1900.  Includes Open Access journals and cover-to-cover indexing of more than 12,000 select journals.  Integrated with Google Scholar.

BIOSIS Citation Index
Upgrade from BIOSIS Previews, now streamlines access, research and discovery in life sciences by linking journal and conference proceedings from 1926 to present. Indexing includes Enzyme Commission numbers and cross-references to gene, disease, and organism names.  Electronic functionality enhances research relationships such as tracing first mention of plants, organisms, chemicals, or lab techniques; identifies potential collaborators with significant publication records; and leads to discovery of high-impact articles and emerging trends.

Data Citation Index
Supports data discovery through collection of datasets across subjects and regions, gathered from selected repositories throughout the world. Indexing advances discovery of connected primary research artifacts to provide broader context of scholarly research. Standardization facilitates citation analysis and tracking emerging resources.

Derwent Innovations Index
Indexes patent and related citation searches for inventions in chemical, electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering. Descriptive abstracts facilitate layman discovery, depict relationships to other patents, quantitate a patent’s significance, and point to related research literature.  When logged into Web of Science, provides integration with Google Patent, activating hyperlink access directly back to relevant Derwent Index content. 

Essential Science Indicators (ESI)
Citation-based research evaluation tool analyzes highly-cited people, departments and labs to identify highly influential contributors, top ranking countries, highly cited journals, and emerging research trends. Allows users to pinpoint advances in fields of study including science, social science and the arts and humanities.  Analytic tool useful for policymakers, administrators, analysts and information specialists in government agencies, universities, corporations, private laboratories, publishing companies and foundations, as well as members of the scientific press and recruiters. Integrated with Web of Science through InCites database.

Journal Citation Index (JCR)
Citation tool analyzes over 8,000 science and 3,000 social science journals from at least 80 countries based on content from 1864 to present.  Database produces quantitative measures of citations from peer reviewed articles and proceedings. New integration with Web of Science databases streamlines process by which professors and students can identify current reading list in respective fields. Integrated with Web of Science through InCites database.

SciELO Citation Index
Discover new insights from research focused on regional content with international impact in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Caribbean and South Africa.  Database produces quantitative measure of citations from peer reviewed articles and proceedings from about 700 titles. Contains millions of cited references, covering 1997-present.

Zoological Record
Animal biology database citation coverage expanded from 1864 to present.  Database indexing contains a full range of disciplines from biodiversity, environment, taxonomy to veterinary sciences with full-text linking.