Reference and Educational Services

Reference Services are available at all campus libraries to help you locate books, periodicals, indexes, abstracts, reference tools and various electronic resources on specific topics. All librarians can assist with library technologies, research strategies, government publications, Internet and World Wide Web sources, too. Librarians also provide individual instruction as well as instruction in classrooms and at service points.

Research Consultation: Liaison Librarians are available by appointment to assist you and your students with in-depth research needs. Remote Access to Systems: Most content provided by University Libraries may be accessed from your home or office. Basic systems include:

Drop-by Desk Service: Reference and information inquiries are handled at all GMU Libraries. Each library provides reference and information service during most open hours. Reference collections include traditional paper sources, indexes, abstracts, government documents and a variety of electronic databases and systems.

Book/Periodicals Holdings Information: Library staff can provide holdings information for books, periodicals, etc. for the GMU Libraries. Please call 703-993-2250 for assistance with holdings.

Phone/E-Mail Reference: GMU Libraries provide ready reference service via phone and E-Mail. For quick information questions, contact:

Text: 703-291-1GMU (703-291-1468)


GMU Libraries offer a variety of information instruction opportunities for your courses. Ranging from overviews of basic online systems to subject-specific course lectures on research materials and resources, the Liaison Librarians are able to provide customized instruction for individuals, groups or classes.

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Course Related Information Instruction: Liaison Librarians are available to make class presentations geared to the subject of the course. Covering library research methods, key online systems, electronic resources, Internet and World Wide Web sources and other appropriate materials, librarians can tailor the lecture to assignments, projects, papers, etc.

Guides: All GMU Libraries prepare and distribute guides to research materials and various electronic sources. Handouts are available at each library.