Contact and Meet with Your Subject Librarian

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Subject librarians can be an excellent resource to you during the research process. Below is a template for how to email your subject librarian to schedule a meeting. Click HERE to view the list of our subject librarians and their disciplines.

Emailing Your Subject Librarian

"Quick Tips for Emailing Your Subject Librarian". For a version compatible with assistive technology, download the pdf file below.

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Meeting With Your Subject Librarian

Before the meeting:

  • Check available resources to answer your question: review your class syllabus and ask your peers or professor to ensure you understand the assignment to the best of your ability. 
  • Prepare your questions ahead of time: jot down specific topics and questions you want to discuss in the meeting. Bring the list with you to the meeting. 
  • Be flexible: you may not get to everything you want to discuss in one meeting, so prioritize your concerns. 

During the meeting:

  • Come prepared: bring notes, relevant materials (assignment description, outlines, drafts), your list of questions, and your preferred note-taking method.
  • Make the most of the meeting: be honest about what previous knowledge you have and what you have already tried. Start with your most important questions and concerns.
  • Remember to be respectful and professional: use the correct prefixes, arrive on time, and thank your librarian for their help. 

After your meeting:

  • Put it into action: use the tips from your meeting and apply it to your research. Access other campus resources to help you complete the assignment (professors/TA's, the Writing Center, Library Subject Guides, etc.).

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Get Help

If you have questions or need more help try Ask a Librarian or explore the subject guide for your discipline. Use the buttons below to download a printable version of this tutorial.


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