Teaching & Learning Team Face-to-Face Policies

Where will the session take place? / Where can you teach my class?

  • We are happy to teach wherever is most convenient for you and your students, including your regular classroom on campus. The University Libraries also offers “bring your own device” instruction rooms for library instruction, though availability is not guaranteed. 

What if the library session takes place outside of library hours? 

  • Please be aware that if you request instruction in a library classroom outside of the library’s hours, you will need to arrange special access to the library space with your library instructor. Our hours vary by location, but you can find the most up to date information about our hours at the library’s website.

What are my responsibilities if I need to use the library classroom after library instruction (i.e., for a longer class, student consult, etc.)? 

  • Except in special circumstances, library classrooms are only available during the session. If you need to use the room after the instruction session has concluded, email your library instructor. While we cannot accommodate every request to use our rooms, we are happy to work with you to identify a solution. 

What technology will faculty need for the library instruction session?  

  • All faculty should bring their own technology (laptop, chargers, cords) to the library classroom. If you plan to show content, you can check out HDMI cords, whiteboard marker/eraser kits, etc. from the front desk in the Library.

What technology will my students need for the library instruction session? 

  • Because the Libraries do not loan laptops or have computer labs, students should bring their own technology for the session for active learning and/or hands-on practice., 

Do I need to be there during the library session? 

  • Yes, however we recognize that there be unanticipated circumstances that prevent you from being present. If you are not able to be present during a session, contact your library instructor in advance. Library instructors may choose to reschedule, cancel, or teach the class alone at their own discretion.  

How can I be engaged in the library instruction session? 

  • Communicate: Talk with your library instructor before the session about logistics, guest speaker policies, assignment details, time needed before or after class for announcements, etc. 

  • Build Trust: Introduce the library instructor to your students. Consider giving the students the library instructor’s brief professional bio.  

  • Be Strategically Vocal: Feel free to ask questions and jump in when needed/asked, especially when students are hesitant to speak first. 

  • Make Connections: Relate library content to course content. For example, connect the library session to class assignments or upcoming concepts students will need to be familiar with. 

  • Actively Participate: Join in library instruction activities (or walk around during activities to see how your students are doing). 

More Information

For more information about our face-to-face instruction offerings, please email the Instruction Coordinator, David Lemmons, at dlemmons@gmu.edu.

Policy last updated: 01/06/2021