Fenwick Library Room Use Policies

Scheduling Instruction, Meeting, and Seminar Rooms

The physical space at Fenwick Library has been designed to enhance and extend the Library as the center of academic community and campus life: intellectually, culturally, and creatively. This document outlines the policies for the scheduling and use of Fenwick library spaces.

  • Use of these rooms can only be scheduled by appropriate library staff. 
  • After use, all rooms must be left clean, and in their original configuration (e.g., move any furniture back as it was before the event or meeting). 
  • Each room is equipped with “self-serve“ technology. Any group using a space must be familiar with the technology in the space prior to the event. The Libraries does not provide technical support for users in these spaces.
  • Meetings or events must not disturb library operations. The Libraries reserve the right to terminate any function that causes an undue disturbance, or endangers the health and safety of participants, library patrons, or library staff.
  • The Libraries are not responsible for damage or loss of any personal property or other items left in the room. Any items found in a room will be handled according to the Libraries’ Lost Items Policy

Group Study Rooms

  • Fenwick Library provides more than 60 group study rooms. Group study rooms vary in size from 2-8 people rooms and can be scheduled up to 1 week in advance through the room reservation system.
  • Use of these rooms is governed by the Group Study Room Use Policy

Instructional Spaces (1st and 4th Floors)

There are 3 classrooms in Fenwick. Priority is given to reservations for information literacy and library instruction.

  • Rooms 1014A, 1014B
    • The first floor instructional space is scheduled by library staff for in-class instruction, workshops, and presentations on research methodologies. The space is not available for regularly scheduled semester classes.
  • Room 4010
    • Through a joint partnership of the Libraries, the Center for Faculty and Teaching Excellence, and Information Technology Services, this space is equipped with experimental technologies. The objective is to provide a “sandbox” in which faculty can explore new teaching technologies. The room can be scheduled through Crystal Clemons, Learning Space Design Manager (cclemons@gmu.edu), Maoria Kirker, Instructional Services and Assessment Librarian (mkirker@gmu.edu), or Izzie Hunsberger,  Information Service Team (msibley2@gmu.edu). Access is thru a key which must available at the Information Desk. The space is not available for regularly scheduled semester classes.

Seminar Spaces (3rd and 4th Floors)

  • There are also three seminar-style spaces in Fenwick, Rooms 3001, 4001, and 4008. 
  • Use of these rooms is limited to instruction using library resources; dissertation defenses; or meetings of external groups hosted by library staff. The space is not available for regularly scheduled semester classes. Contact the appropriate subject librarian to discuss use of a room.

Graduate Student Reading Room (5th Floor)

  • Room 5003 is a reading room designed to support the work of graduate students.  The room is for individual study and has 24 seats.
  • Enrolled Mason graduate students may borrow a key card from the Information Desk on the first floor.

Faculty Reading Rooms (3522)

  • Room 3522 is located at the end of the 3rd floor compact stacks. Access is through a key card available from the Information Desk. The card must be returned upon leaving the library. 

Main Reading Room (2001)

  • The Main Reading Room may be reserved only for specific single events and programs that are academic, cultural, or advancement-focused (fundraising); and are directed towards Mason students, faculty, and staff.  Those requesting use of the room for multiple consecutive days or multiple times during an extended period are strongly encouraged to seek other suitable venues within the libraries or the university.
  • Requests for use of the Main Reading Room must be made at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • All requests for events in the Main Reading Room must be submitted via email to Debra Hogan (dhogan1@gmu.edu) in the Office of the Dean of Libraries; and will be approved and scheduled only through and by the Office of the Dean of Libraries. Use is limited to George Mason University entities; outside organization use will not be approved. Information regarding room policies will be provided at time of request; room access information will be provided at notification of approval.
  • All event details (event name, purpose of event, event contact person, department name, reservation date and time range, number of attendees expected, and organization code in case of fee assessment) are required when requesting the room.
  • Due to concern for noise, no requests for events during final exam weeks will be approved.
  • Requests for room setup/take-down, catering, and technology assistance are to be made by the party requesting the room directly with the university unit that provides those services and the usual fees associated with these services will apply.  Such services are NOT provided by Mason Libraries’ personnel.
  • Any events in the Main Reading Room should occur during normal library operating hours. Events should be scheduled no earlier than 30 minutes after the building opens and should end 1 hour before the Library closes.  It is the responsibility of the requesting party to be aware of Fenwick Library's scheduled operating hours at the time of the event.
  • Events involving food must by catered by approved University catering groups.  The group or individual sponsoring the event is responsible for insuring that all unused food and beverage items are removed and properly disposed of at the conclusion of the event. Additional cleaning and/or disposal charges may apply.
  • The Fenwick Library name may be used only to designate the location of the function-unless the Libraries are a sponsor of the event.
  • Promotional materials relating to the function must specify the sponsoring group. 
  • The use of the Main Reading Room does not constitute an endorsement of the content or function of the event.
  • Groups may not affix any materials advertising the event to the walls or doors of the room or Libraries’ public areas.
  • The furniture in the space must stay in the room and furniture from the outside is prohibited.
  • The room must be returned to its standard layout -- see photo 1 and photo 2 (note location of podium by front window in photo 2) at the conclusion of event. In addition, the room must be left clean; cleaning and/or other additional administrative costs may be incurred if it is determined that housekeeping or other group needs to be brought in to restore the room to an acceptable condition.  Costs may vary depending on the size of the group using the room.
  • Cancellations are required five business days before the scheduled event.
  • The group or individual sponsoring an event in the Main Reading Room is responsible for the following:
    • Informing participants of the location of fire emergency exist and restrooms
    • Ensuring that attendance at the function does not exceed the legal capacity established for the space.
    • Arranging special accommodations for participants (e.g., assisted learning devices; sign language assistants, etc.) and for complying with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities’ Act.
    • Ensuring that the room is securely locked at the end of the event and is not left unlocked and/or unattended at any time during the event