Claim of Return

Please complete this form if you believe you returned a library item that is still checked out to your account. The more information library staff have, the quicker we can process your request. Questions may be directed to or included in the Additional Information text box.

Patron Information

All Mason faculty, staff, and students should use their G number. If you are not a Mason patron, use your barcode or other library ID number.

Item Information

George Mason University or Washington Research Library Consortium school (American University, Catholic University, etc.)

If the item in question had a green strap around it, you borrowed it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Please DO NOT use this form for ILL items; please email instead.

You can find the Call Number and the barcode by viewing the item in your library account
If this item is owned by the Mason Libraries, the barcode will begin with 32777
Library location, drop box location, or by mail
Be specific if you can or approximate the date of return
Please include any additional information that you think may be relevant. If there is more than one item on your account that you remember returning, you may fill out the form again or list the other items here.

Acknowledgement of Policies for Items Claimed as Returned

  1. The first search of a claim will usually be conducted within 48 hours. If an item claimed as returned is not found on the first search, the search will continue for up to 4 weeks (28 days) or until the item is found or returned.
  2. Items claimed as returned may still appear on a patron’s library record during the search period. This is for tracking purposes only – no new fines will be added during the search period.
  3. Items marked ‘Lost’ will be searched for 1 (one) week (7 days). Please note that a claim of return will not automatically resolve a ‘Lost’ item. All ‘Lost’ item fees will remain on a patron’s record during the search period. If a ‘Lost’ item claimed as returned is not found or returned by the end of the search period, the patron will be asked to contact the circulation desk to discuss item replacement options.
  4. Once an item is found or returned, the patron will be notified at the email address provided above. If an item is not found or returned, the patron will be notified whether or not the claim can be forgiven or if a replacement fee will be charged to their library record.
  5. If this claim of return is for an item owned by a branch of the Mason Libraries other than the branch taking this claim, the claim will be forwarded to the original lending branch for resolution.
  6. All WRLC items claimed as returned will be resolved by the original lending library if not found by Mason Libraries staff.