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Basic Research Concepts

Research Process

  • Search Techniques:
    Part 1

  • Search Techniques:
    Part 2

  • Narrow your Topic

  • Refining Search Results

  • Anatomy of a scholarly article (NCSU)

  • Evaluating Sources

  • Evaluating Sources I

  • Evaluating Sources II

  • Citing Sources:
    MLA Style

  • Citing Sources:
    APA Style

  • Citing Sources:
    Chicago Style

  • Searching is Strategic:
    Part 1

  • Searching is Strategic:
    Part 2

  • What are Research Questions

  • Annotating Sources

  • Asking Authentic Questions

  • Selecting Topics and Questions

  • Multiple Perspectives

  • Good Research Questions

  • Is my topic too broad

  • Evaluating Sources

  • Reliable Sources

  • Scholarly Conversations

  • How can librarians help

  • Is my topic significant

  • Can my research topic change

  • Relationships between sources

  • How can the library help

Library Tools & Services

Finding Materials

Advanced Research Concepts

Additional Questions and Help

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