Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS) Dataverse Dataset Public Deposit License

Non-Exclusive Distribution License


To properly administer this data repository and preserve the contents for future use, George Mason University requires certain assurances and permissions from you, the depositor.


By clicking through this license, you warrant and represent the following:

  • You have the legal right and authorization to make the data publicly available online through the Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS) Dataverse.
    • Please consider that George Mason University claims ownership rights to intellectual property, including data, generated with significant University resources.  Please see University Policy 4011, Ownership and Maintenance of Research Records for more information and guidance as to whether you may make your data available through MARS Dataverse.
    • Please consider whether other researchers have rights to manage the release of this data, for example others involved with the grant, research activity, or laboratory, whether at George Mason University or at another institution. If the answer to this question is yes, you must obtain their permission to deposit the data in MARS Dataverse.
  • In preparing the data for public archiving and distribution, you have removed any confidential or sensitive information, student education records protected under FERPA, and all information that personally identifies any individual or that contains any information classified as highly sensitive under state or federal law, or George Mason University policy. For these purposes, highly sensitive data currently includes personal information that can lead to identity theft if exposed and health information that reveals an individual’s health condition and/or history of health services use. Refer to University Policy 1114, Data Stewardship and Appendix A, Protected Data Types.

You agree to indemnify, release and hold harmless George Mason University from any and all liability arising out of your deposit of data or other material into MARS Dataverse.

  • If the submission is based upon work that has been sponsored or supported by an agency or organization other than George Mason University such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, or a private sponsor or funder, you represent that you have fulfilled any right of review, confidentiality, or other obligations required by that contract or agreement.
  • You represent that you have made a reasonable effort to ensure that the data contained in your submission is accurate.
  • You represent that you have appropriately acknowledged other researchers whose work contributed to the data.

By clicking through this license, you grant to the George Mason University the non-exclusive right to reproduce, display, and/or distribute your submission (including the metadata and supporting documentation) worldwide, in any format or medium. This includes, without restriction, permission to:

  • disseminate copies of the content in a variety of distribution formats;
  • promote and advertise the content in any publicity (in any form) for MARS and George Mason University;
  • describe, catalog, and document the user submissions;
  • store, translate, copy or re-format the content in any way to ensure its future preservation and accessibility, and improve usability and/or protect respondent confidentiality; and
  • incorporate metadata or documentation in the content into public access catalogues.

You acknowledge that MARS Dataverse’s default data usage license agreement for all uploaded materials is a Creative Commons Zero (“CC0”) Public Domain Dedication Waiver. For more information, please visit Creative Commons Zero Full Legal Text (


George Mason University will clearly identify your name(s) as the depositor(s) of the submission, and will not make any alteration, other than as allowed by this license, to your submission.


You agree that George Mason University may translate the submission to any medium or format and keep more than one copy for the purposes of security, back up and long-term preservation of the scholarly record.


By accepting this license, you do not give up the right to submit the data to other repositories or publish it.

If there are any questions about this agreement, please contact






December 7, 2020

Adapted with permission from University of Virginia “Libra Dataset Public Deposit License.” (Last Updated January, 2016)