Reservable Graduate Writing Spaces

George Mason University graduate students, who need dedicated quiet space for thesis and dissertation work on the Fairfax campus, may reserve the use of the Dissertation Writers Rooms (DWR), or the Graduate Student Reserved Carrels.

Graduate students who are in good standing with the University and University Libraries are eligible.

Dissertation Writers Rooms offer short-term reservable desks in a shared space. They may be reserved for up to 45 days at a time, with a default reservation of 14 days.

Graduate Study Carrels are short-term reservable desks with power outlets and lockable storage cabinets. Any currently registered graduate student may reserve a study carrel. Carrels may be reserved for up to 45 days at a time, with a default reservation of 14 days.

  • Fenwick Library Dissertation Writers Rooms

    - Fenwick Library 5th Floor
    - Twenty-five (25) carrels.
    - Two desks in each room - one marked "A" and another marked "B", each with a power strip available.
    - While there are drawers and shelves available in the space, storage of study materials is prohibited due to the rooms not being secure.
    - Restricted access with a unique door code or individual keys
    - Students may not specify which carrel they prefer

  • Fenwick Graduate Student Reserved Carrels

    - Fenwick Library, 5th Floor, New Addition
    - Fifty-five (55) carrels.
    - Desk with two (2) lockable storage units for research materials.
    - Each study carrel has a key for its cabinets, which can be checked out at the Fenwick Information Desk with a Mason ID after placing a reservation. Desk staff will confirm graduate student status at the time of check out.