I need to collect signatures on my Signature Sheet and/or my Embargo Request Form. How can I do that remotely?

First, please check with your college/school/department to see if there are any existing protocols regarding the collection of electronic signatures from Deans, Directors, Department Chairs, etc. There may be internal procedures that can assist you.

UDTS will accept digital/electronic signatures as long as they look like actual signatures, as opposed to a box stating something to the effect of "I certify that I agree" or something similar.

The sign-scan-send (s-s-s) will also work, with this caveat: Signature Sheets can almost always withstand 1 round of s-s-s without issue. The second round may be fine, but after that, the chances that the Signature Sheet will warp and/or become "dirty" increase dramatically. Please use your judgment, and please be aware that UDTS will not accept a messy/unreadable signed Signature Sheet. S-s-s is usually fine for Embargo Request Forms, as only 2 people (at the most) will sign them. But, again, please use your judgment.

If you have any questions, please contact UDTS Coordinator Sally Evans at udts@gmu.edu.