Find Full Text from Citations

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Welcome to the George Mason University Libraries tutorial on locating journal sources from citations found in a bibliography or references cited page. This tutorial offers an example citation, but you are welcome to follow along with your own citation.

Finding Full Text

  1. Sign in to your Mason Libraries' account by clicking on "My Library Accounts" from the upper right corner of the library homepage. Here we use an article from the Journal of Policy History as an example.

    Sample Article Citation
  2. Starting at the Mason Libraries' homepage, click on the blue "Journals" button.

    Library home page
  3. Search for your journal title and select it from the results page. Click on the “available online” function to access it.

    Ejournal Search Box
  4. Identify the date(s) you need. In the example, the publication date is 2009.

    select WRLC catalog
  5. Review the resources in the list for the correct publication date. In the example, all resources include 2009 coverage dates.

    Date Range
  6. Locate the list of volumes and/or issues. In the example, it is the hyperlinked text "All issues."

    screenshot of journal page with an arrow pointing to the menu option called All issues
  7. Locate the specific article from the publication's record and browse until you find the correct date, volume and issue. The example lists volume 21, issue 1.

  8. You can also search the article title with the journal's search bar (if available).

    Cambridge Search
  9. If you are unable to find your article, you can place an interlibrary loan request. To learn how to request interlibrary loans, see the interlibrary loan tutorial on the How Do I...? page under "Library Services".


Get Help

For other questions or if you need more help try Ask a Librarian or explore the subject guide for your discipline. Use the button below to download a printable version of this tutorial.


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