What if I would like to use the Digital Scholarship Center or have data needs?

DiSC is available to assist Mason community members in-person and virtually. Visit Virtual DiSC to find out more about online consultations, software access, and more. Currently:

  • Please consult our calendar for the current hours. If you are concerned about visiting the lab in-person, there are many virtual options. Contact us at datahelp@gmu.edu and we will work with you to provide you with options.
  • DiSC staff will be available to visit your class virtually and may also offer in-person instruction depending on availability and staff preferences. Please email datahelp@gmu.edu describing your needs and we will make arrangements.
  • All DiSC workshops will be available virtually. Visit the workshop schedule to find out more.
  • DiSC staff will be available for virtual and in-person consultations. Consult our scheduling page to make an appointment.