What if I would like to use the Digital Scholarship Center or have data needs?

DiSC is available to assist Mason community members virtually. Visit Virtual DiSC to find out more about online consultations, software access, and more. Currently:

  • All DiSC workshops will be available virtually. Visit the workshop schedule at dsc.gmu.edu/workshops to find out more.
  • The Digital Scholarship Center Lab will remain closed. Even though there is no physical access to the lab, contact datahelp@gmu.edu and we will work with you to provide you with options.
  • DiSC staff will be available to visit your class virtually and teach workshops virtually. Please email datahelp@gmu.edu describing your needs and we will make arrangements.
  • DiSC staff will be available for virtual consultations. Consult our scheduling page at dsc.gmu.edu/help to make an appointment and we will be in touch.