New e-Resources

2017 New e-Resources Announcements

New online resources added to George Mason University Libraries’ collections are posted periodically; you can also search for recently added items. Mason students, faculty and staff are welcome to suggest library purchases

e-Resources Added Summer 2017

 Multimedia information and networking resource covering the diverse challenges and issues of 21st-century criminal justice in the U.S. and abroad, published daily online. Its archive of over 41,000 posts (and growing) represents the nation’s most comprehensive online “Justice Library,” and a critical research and teaching tool.


 A comprehensive online civil engineering resource with access to international journals and over 1500 e-books and archives back to 1836.
A collection of hundreds of eBooks in Arabic. The collection is full-text searchable in English and Arabic and browsable by subject, title or publisher. Documents can be read online, listened to, downloaded in PDF, or printed. Subjects include arts, business and economics, history, Islamic studies, language and literature, law, and political science and international relations.
Comprehensive census of United States hospitals based on the AHA Annual Survey of Hospitals. Survey data can be downloaded for analysis in Excel, SaS and other statistical software packages. 
Note: Limited years available to Mason students, staff and faculty.
Contains current survey data on healthcare technology adoption and indicators in response to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. Survey data can be downloaded for analysis in Excel and other statistical software packages. 
Note: Limited years available to Mason students, staff and faculty.
A monthly peer-reviewed medical journal, featuring original papers on the cellular and molecular biology of disease. Available in full text.
A collection of 18th and 19th-century Caribbean newspapers, and a comprehensive resource for studying the development of Western society, Colonial history, the Atlantic slave trade, New World slavery, and more.
These online handbooks survey the current state of scholarship in political science, including the latest thinking and research in the field, as well as key issues and major debates. These complement 2014, 2015, and 2016 the volumes which the Libraries already own.
Online handbooks surveying the current state of scholarship in criminology and criminal justice.
Online handbooks containing a thorough introduction to specific sub-disciplines such as music education, ethnomusicology, and film music.  Text and references are searchable; lists of books and articles can be browsed by title, author, or publication date.
Compiled by the Council for Community and Economic Research, this index is used by economists, corporations, and researchers to assess relative living costs, and differences between urban areas in the United States, weighted by different types of consumer and household expenditures. The index compares the cost of living in more than 300 U.S. cities.
This archive of the world’s first illustrated weekly news magazine is a unique visual archive of 19th-century Victorian Britain and includes illustrations and photographs of events ranging from the Great Exhibition of 1851 to the Boer war
Information on leaders in business, government, nonprofits, and news media in the United States. Search by type, industry, job function, geographic location, size, or keyword. Includes content from 14 Leadership Directories yellow books, including Congressional, Federal, State, and Corporate.
Digital Theatre Plus Database
This collection of streaming videos covers five major categories of theater: recent British theatrical productions; information on making theater; study guides; teaching support; and performances from such notable companies as the Gran Teatre de Liceu, the Royal Opera House, Shakespeare's Globe, the Broadway Digital Archive, and National Jewish Theater. 
Online directory specializing in information on U.S. nonprofit companies in the arts, culture, humanities, education, environment, and research.
Business Expert Press's Digital Libraries are filled with practical, concise books covering specific areas of business, including supply and operations management, international business, social media, finance, accounting, public relations, and marketing strategy. Available on the ebrary platform.

e-Resources Added Spring 2017

Reference database profiling all of the world’s known living languages. Searchable and browsable by language name, language family, country and area.
e-Book Collections
The University Library is pleased to have access to the following e-Book collections through VIVA; these collections complement Brill’s collections, already available to our users on Brill Online. The number of e-Books in these collections will increase as new titles are published throughout the year.
·       Classical Studies
This e-book collection is part of Brill's Classical Studies E-Books Online Collection. Coverage includes: Ancient Philosophy, Ancient History, Ancient Religion, Greek and Roman Literature, Epigraphy & Papyrology, Archeology.
·       Language and Linguistics
This e-book collection is part of Brill's Language and Linguistics E-Books Online Collection. Coverage includes: Linguistics, Indigenous languages, Semantics, Reference, Literacy, Grammar, and Phonetics.
This e-book collection is part of Brill's Literature and Cultural Studies E-Books Online Collection. Coverage includes: English, German, French, Slavic, Italian, Dutch, Hispanic, Scandinavian, Baltic, Literature & Arts, Comparative Literature, World Literature, Translation Studies, Postmodernism, and Postcolonial Studies.
·       Social Sciences
This e-book collection is part of Brill's Social Sciences E-Books Online Collection. Coverage includes: Sociology, Social Anthropology, Political Science, Economics, Critical Sociology, Comparative Studies, and African Studies.
Unlimited access to and NYT Mobile apps, including Spanish and Chinese editions, which cover a variety of topics through breaking news articles, blogs, videos and interactive features. Includes archives from 1851 to the present (articles from 1923 to 1980 are limited to five per day per user; unlimited access to the archives is available through ProQuest Historical Newspapers).Note: Users will need to create a free login account before accessing
This peer- reviewed online journal includes live performance that uses vocal and instrumental music in conjunction with theatrical performance.  Note:  We have access from 2016 to present.
 A series of scholarly research monographs and graduate-level texts, authored by computer scientists and practitioners. The series, published by ACM in collaboration with Morgan & Claypool Publishers, includes books from across the entire spectrum of computer science, geared to researchers, educators, practitioners and students.