Fenwick Fellows

CURRENT 2020-2021

Dr. Samuel Clowes Huneke, Assistant Professor (Department of History and Art History)
Visualizing Authoritarianism:  A Proposal to Make Fenwick's Collection of East German Posters Accessible Online.
Dr. Andrea Weeks, Associate Professor (Department of Biology)
The Extended Specimen Project
Dr. Katrin B. Anacker, Associate Professor (Schar School of Policy and Government)
Opening Up the Suburbs:  The Case of Reston, Virginia
Dr. Jacqueline Burek, Assistant Professor (Department of English)
Mending a Broken Chain:  Continuous History and Literary Form in England and Wales, 1125-1450
Dr. Mills Kelly, Professor (Department of History and Art History)
Mapping the Built Environment of the Appalachian Trail, 1921-2019
Dr. Jennifer Ashley, Assistant Professor (Global Affairs Program)
The Political Afterlife of Chile's 1988 Plebiscite

Dr. Alok Yadav, Associate Professor (Department of English)
Anthologies of African American Literature:  An Online Bibliography

           Dr. John G. Turner, Associate Professor (Department of Religious Studies)
           They Knew They Were Pilgrims:  Plymouth Colony and the Making of American Liberty

Dr. Edward Rhodes, Professor, (Government and International Affairs)
Digital Curatorship of Historical Documentation:  The Rise and Fall of Liberal Republican Foreign Policy, 1920-1932
Dr. Kristina M. Olson, Assistant Professor of Italian (Department of Modern and Classical Languages)
Sumptuous Literature: Clothing and Governance in Fourteenth Century Italy
Dr. Colin James Reagle, Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering), Volgenau School of Engineering
The Role of Renewables in George Mason University's Future Energy Portfolio
Dr. Mark Koyama, Assistant Professor (Department of Economics) and Senior Scholar (Mercatus Center)
The Rise and Fall of the Persecuting State
Dr. Ghassan Husseinali, Assistant Professor (Department of Modern and Classical Languages)
Investigating the Underlying Grammar of Arabic as a Foreign Language
Dr. Jesse Guessford, Assistant Professor (School of Music)
Dr. Jennifer Barnes Bowie, Assistant Professor (Department of Public and International Affairs)
Dr. Toni-Michelle Travis, Associate Professor (Department of Public and International Affairs), and Program Director (African American Studies)
Dr. Susan Trencher, Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Ann Hurdle Maradiegue, Nurse Practitioner Program Instructor, Family and Adult Nurse Practitioner Program (College of Nursing and Health Sciences)
Dr. Cynthia M. Lont, Professor, Chair, Communications Department (College of Arts and Sciences)
Dr. Marcella Ridlen Ray, Senior Fellow, School of Public Policy and Adjunct Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology (College of Arts and Sciences)
Kristin Johnsen-Neshati, Assistant Professor, Department of Theater (Collecge of Visual and Performing Arts)
Dr. Hazel M. McFerson, Associate Professor of International Studies (College of Arts and Sciences, Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution)
Dr. Rose Cherubin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies)
Dr. Peter Mandaville, Associate Professor of Government and Politics(Department of Public and International Affairs)
Dr. Dana Richards, Associate Professor, Computer Science Department (School of Information Technology and Engineering)
Dr. Daniel Rothbart, Associate Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies ((College of Arts and Sciences)
Dr. Ann M. Palkovich, Associate Professor (Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Dr. Willem Hendrik Thorbecke, Associate Professor (Department of Economics)