Fenwick Gallery

Fenwick GalleryMission Statement

Fenwick Gallery is a hybrid, walk-through exhibit space which enhances an atmosphere of scholarship and inquiry. Rooted in the George Mason University Libraries' mission, Fenwick Gallery enriches the intellectual, educational and cultural life of the University. The gallery highlights library resources in conjunction with original visual and multi-media work. Exhibit themes emphasize library collections, curricular and research interests of Mason faculty, students, and staff as well as local cultural initiatives.

Exhibits are a valued part of the educational experience at George Mason. Fenwick Gallery's focused displays inform, educate and enrich patrons while highlighting the breadth and depth of the library's resources, services, collections and staff. Featuring high-caliber works by Mason students, faculty, staff and other emerging/experienced artists, their works inform, promote, and create interactions with the libraries' collections and the world of creative experience and scholarship.

Fenwick Gallery is also a collaboration between the University libraries and the School of Art MFA program. This unique partnership provides a "hands on" opportunity for a Mason graduate student to assist in developing, curating, maintaining and promoting Fenwick Gallery.

For additional information about Fenwick Gallery, please contact Stephanie Grimm, Art & Art History Librarian.