What can be placed on reserve?

Due to Copyright restrictions and practical limitations, here are some guidelines regarding what can be placed on reserves.


If the library does not have a copy, you may place a personal copy on reserve until the Libraries orders and receives a copy of the book. Entire out-of-print books will not be digitized for e-Reserves.


e-Books do not need to be placed on e-Reserve. For assistance contact your subject librarian.

Book Chapters

The library may obtain permissions to place limited portions of books on e-Reserve.


Media items can be placed on physical reserve for a checkout period of 4 hours.

  • Media recordings not owned by University Libraries (i.e. duplicate copies or recordings of broadcast programs) are evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure copyright compliance. Please consult with Course Reserve Staff before submitting personal media for reserve use.

Journal Articles

Check whether articles are available online through the University Libraries, as those do not need to be placed on e-Reserve. Instead, you can provide a direct link to the online article; see linking to library materials.

  • Up to 30 journal articles/photocopied items may be placed on e-Reserve per course per semester.
  • Fair Use may apply for the digitization of up to three (3) articles from a single periodical volume for e-Reserves, as long as these articles have not been previously placed on electronic reserve, been part of a course pack, or are already available in a library database.

Student Writing

You must get written permission from the student author to protect student privacy and to comply with Copyright Law.

Copies, Class Notes or Personal Writings

  • If personal copies are placed on reserve, please provide the books, media, articles, class notes, etc.
  • Photocopies should be legible and on 8.5″ x 11″ paper, single sided. Please make sure that all pages are included and is as clear as possible.
  • The University Libraries will purchase copies of any available item and return personal copies as quickly as possible.


Printed website pages will not be accepted for either Print and/or e-Reserves. Please visit our guide for linking to library content for assistance for adding items to your course website.