Lost & Found Claim Form

The purpose of this form is to give Library users a way to communicate that they lost an item while in the library. Library staff will review submitted forms and search our Lost & Found bins located at the Information Desk. Library Staff will continue to search these bins for the item for one month (4 weeks). If the item is found, you will receive an email notification to come retrieve it from the Information Desk. Items not retrieved within 1 (one) week of this notification will be processed according to the Lost & Found policy. 

A list of items the Library accepts in our Lost & Found can be viewed here, as well as our Lost & Found policies: https://library.gmu.edu/use/lostitems

Please be aware that this form is ONLY for items lost at Fenwick Library on the Fairfax campus. This form should not be used for items lost at Mercer Library on the Prince William Campus, Mason Square Library on the Arlington Campus, or items lost anywhere else other than Fenwick Library.

Please refer to Mason Police's Lost & Found division here if you have lost an item elsewhere: https://police.gmu.edu/programs-and-services/lost-and-found/