Lost Items Policy

The goal of our “lost and found service” is to ensure that individuals can determine in a timely fashion if the library has an item left in the library and/or if the item has been sent to Mason Police.

The Information Desk at each library accepts items found in that library and then sends the item on to Mason Police the on a weekly schedule. Upon receipt, all items are recorded in a Lost and Found Log. The receiving employee will note the date and time, specific description of the item, and any details pertaining to where the item was found (if applicable), and their first and last name legibly.

All unclaimed items will be delivered to Mason Police on a weekly basis, and the delivery will be noted in the log. Any high risk items (Illegal, dangerous or potentially hazardous items) will be delivered immediately to Mason Police. Any excluded items (see below) will be discarded and noted in the log at the end of each day. If users forcibly leave unaccepted items, the items will be noted in the log and discarded.

To best align with Mason Police policy, the Libraries do not forward the following items to the Mason Police. The following items will be discarded at the end of each day, if not claimed:

  • Any type of clothing (including but not limited to coats/jackets, shoes, fleeces, knits, umbrellas, undergarments, seasonal items, etc.)
  • Food containers
  • Food and liquid items
  • Loose papers
  • Plastic or reusable water bottles