COVID-19 Mason Community Impact Project (CMCIP)

The University Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center is actively documenting the effects of COVID-19 on George Mason University students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  Please help us by taking part in the COVID-19 Mason Community Impact Project (CMCIP). You can help in this endeavor by preserving a record of your personal experiences regarding the COVID-19 Crisis.

Simply complete this brief form - on page 1, you will answer basic questions about yourself and your submission to ensure that we can include it in the archives.  On page 2, you will be asked about your relationship to George Mason University, and then you will have the option to answer four open-ended questions about how COVID-19 has impacted you.  You can answer as many of these questions as you like, or you can answer none of them and simply upload the media of your choice at the end of the form. You may include any photographs, videos, or any other type of digital item. Multiple files are welcome, but the size limit for upload is 200 MB total.  If you have a file larger than 200 MB that you would like to upload, please email us and we will find an alternative submission process.  Please include your name (ex. smith.jpg) in the file name.  Thank You! 

Your name and email address is required when submitting this form. However, you may request that your name is not displayed publicly in the online archive. If you have any questions, please email or

Submission Agreement *
I hereby certify that I created, and own the copyright in, the submitted material. While I will continue to retain my copyright, I hereby grant to George Mason University Libraries Special Collections Research Center a license to add the material to its archival collections and preserve it for future generations of students, scholars, and researchers. I give the library permission to organize the materials according to accepted archival principles; to create metadata, finding aids, and full-text search interfaces required for the preservation and discovery of the materials; to make the materials accessible to researchers and staff; and to use the materials in exhibits and displays, both physical and online. I agree that Mason Libraries may make this material available online under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license (, which will allow others to share and adapt the material in non-commercial venues, as long as I am given appropriate credit.
Public Health Information Agreement *
I understand and agree that the submitted material may contain sensitive personal information about me, including personal health information, and that this information may be archived and shared as described above. I agree not to include personally identifiable information of (or information that could allow a third party to identify) other students or employees of George Mason University - this includes their personal health information.
Creator Agreement *
Are you the sole creator of these materials? (If "no", please list the names of the content co-creators, their contact information, and the circumstances of how you came to have the materials. IMPORTANT: Each co-creator must be listed on this form in order for the item to be accepted by the archives. However, only one co-creator is required to upload the file.)
Other creators
Please list the names of the content co-creators, their contact information, and the circumstances of how you came to have the materials.