How to Share or Embed Kanopy Clip/Playlist in Blackboard


Kanopy is an on-demand streaming video service available to Mason staff, faculty, and students. This tutorial will show how to share or embed the clip or playlist in Blackboard. To learn how to create an account, please visit "How to Create an Account and Log In to Kanopy" tutorial. To learn how to create a clip and playlist (multiple clips) in Kanopy, please visit "How to Create a Clip and Playlist (Multiple Clips) in Kanopy" tutorial.

Sharing or Embedding the Playlist in Blackbaord

  1. To share or embed the playlist, click “Share/Embed” on My Playlists. The Share link will appear as the default view, but you can select the Embed tab next to it to display the embed link. Then, copy the entire embed link.

    Share/Embed Playlist
  2. To embed the playlist to Blackboard, choose your course on Blackboard and go to Course Content > Build Content > Create Item.

    Embed to Blackboard
  3. Add a name for the Item under “Content Information.” Then, click “HTML” in the text box.

    Content Infromation
  4. Once you clicked “HTML,” you will see a new window. Paste the embed link you copied from Kanopy in the box. Make sure to add an “s” after “http” in the embed code to create an HTTPS link. Click “Update.”

  5. You can select date and time restrictions under “Standard Options.” Click “Submit” on the bottom right when you are ready to upload the playlist to your Course Content.

    Standard Options and Submit

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Additional Questions and Help

If you have trouble or questions about Kanopy, ask Heather Darnell, our media librarian, or check our tutorials for other Kanopy tutorials.

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