Online Course Media Request

Streaming Media Requests will be accepted for current or forthcoming Mason Online hybrid and fully online courses only. Please submit your request 4-6 weeks prior to the date needed.

Face-to-face instructors have several options:

  1. Consider screening the media in the classroom.  You may make a media screening request to ensure that the item is available on the day you need it.
  2. Consider putting the physical media item on reserve so that students can check the item out for a limited amount of time and view it on their device or on the media players available in the Libraries.
  3. Find out if a streaming copy of the source is available online to all students and faculty.
  4. Contact your  subject librarian  or the media librarian directly to determine whether streaming rights for the media item will be considered for addition to the library collection.
  5. Attempt to find an alternate media source which meets your pedagogical needs in the library holdings for which we already have streaming rights.
  6. Treat the media source as a required course text and have students purchase physical copies or pay to screen the media source on a commercial streaming service.


This form is only for DE courses.
Provide your first name.
Provide your last name.
Provide your email address.
Provide a phone number at which you can be reached in the format (XXX) XXX-XXXX. If possible, provide an on-campus phone number of the format (703) 993-XXXX.
Provide the name of the course.
Provide the University-specified course number. For instance, Cultural Studies 320 is CULT320; Honors 110 is HNRS110.
Provide the section number or numbers for this class.
What is the course identification number for this course? The course identification number is not the same thing as the CRN. To find the course identification number, login to the course in Blackboard. Then, scroll down to the "Course Management" tools in the left hand column. Click on the arrow next to "Content Collection." The first option in the list that opens below "Content Collection" is a sequence of numbers of the format XXXXX.XXXXXX (for instance, 10658.201410). This is the course identification number. Enter this entire number, including the period in this field. If you cannot see the "Course Management" tools int he left hand column, you are either logged in as a participant in the course or you are in the "Student View" for the course. Either try logging in as the instructor, TA, or administrator or check the top right of the site for a link that says "Return to Teacher View."
If the course is to be cross listed, what will the second course number be?
If this is a cross listed course, what will the section number be for the cross listing?
Select the first semester or term in which you would like to provide this media to students.
Select the first year in which you would like to provide this media to your students.
What is the title of video or audio you wish to provide to your Distance Education students?
Select the media format which best describes the source of the media you wish to provide to your students. If you select "Other" provide further information in the "Additional Information" field.
Specify the year in which the media was published. This helps reduce ambiguity between identically titled media sources and sources for which more than one version exist.
Provide any additional information about your request here.
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